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An MBA Degree with Depth and Breadth

The MBA program at Michigan State University’s Broad College of Business prepares you to become a leader in business by providing a holistic, team-based approach to learning. No matter what area of expertise you select, the Broad MBA will give you a wide breadth of theoretical and practical business know-how so you can become a leader in any business. You will also take a deep dive into an industry-specific concentration of your choice that will provide you the tools and knowledge needed to become a subject matter expert and work to move your chosen field forward upon graduation. In addition to your selected concentration, you can also choose additional enhancers to add to your skillset a level of expertise in an emerging business sector.



In the Classroom

Innovative Learning Experiences

A well-rounded, theory-based curriculum with soft skills that are critical for effective leadership.

Leadership & Teamwork

Develop your ability to build teams, motivate them, and accomplish goals together.

Management Communications

Develop an executive presence in public speaking and presenting.

Quick Learning & Application

Study and apply a key topic through innovative short-term “Extreme Green” courses.

Global Experience

Learn about cultural diversity by visiting companies in Asian or European study abroad trips.

Analytical Tools

Study data analysis tools and techniques to make business forecasting more effective.

Corporate Financial Literacy

Develop your ability to use financial reports and calculate values and costs, risks and rewards.

Marketing Strategy & Positioning

Use and justify different strategies while navigating ambiguity and building equity.

Value Chain Creation

Develop value in product development, sourcing, production, and delivery.

Co-Curricular Opportunities

Learn by Doing

Our students continuously apply what they learn in the classroom to real-world contexts.

Broad Graduate Speaker Series

Brings C-level expertise to campus to share struggles and successes, equipping you to better prepare for the corporate leadership suite.

Broad Consulting Club

Exclusive networking opportunities with senior consultants at top consulting companies across the nation.

"Fast Break" Spring Break Projects

Provide the opportunity to give an organization a quick shift in direction in some facet of its operations.

Spartan Consulting, Inc.

Offering students real-world, in-depth exposure to consulting, project management, negotiation, and strategy development.

Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Get coaching and mentorship to develop an entrepreneurial (or intrapreneurial) mindset and pursue game-changing ideas from “fail fast” tests to market readiness.

Demmer Center for Business Transformation

Trains students in lean manufacturing principles and teams them with an experienced practitioner as consultants to Michigan businesses and nonprofits.

Career Development

A Vital Component

The recruiting process starts before your first day of class.

It’s one of the main reasons you chose to pursue an MBA degree. Every student in the program takes an intensive course focusing on the key skills needed to sell your experience at national career fairs or in a one-on-one chat with a visiting employer.

You’ll have additional workshops available to develop practiced skill in all the steps along the way.

And you’ll have your career mentor on call to help you diagnose your needs and walk with you through the search process from company research to position acceptance.

Read more about career development.

All Concentrations $103,306
Finance $95,451
General Management $103,500
Marketing $94,150
Supply Chain Management $102,139
Consulting $130,000

“The emphasis of our MBA program is on building creative and innovative competencies that employers need to solve challenging, fuzzy problems today, and also prepare our students for jobs that do not now exist, but will, ten years from now.”

– Glenn Omura
Associate Dean for MBA and Professional Master’s Programs